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Barbary Fig Seed Oil 100% Pure Organic 

New year new face routine! I love all of the set especially the Barbary fig seed oil.


Argan Oil 100% Pure Organic 

Just received this in the mail yesterday. This helped so much with my skin irritation and with Sophia's hair just in one day. Thanks Atlassiya for making it so convenient for me. 🌺


Rose Water 100% Pure Organic, Argan Oil 100% Pure Organic, & Ghassoul Clay 100% Pure Organic

In love with my new Tried Atlassiya skin care products and my skin has not felt this soft and hydrated in a long time! Highly recommend their products for healthy/glowing skin #arganoil #rosewater #chassoulclaymask


Barbary Fig Seed Oil 100% Pure Organic 

Here's a quick beauty tip for my ladies with DRY skin. Mix your favorite beauty oil with your foundation for a smooth and hydrated finish. I am currently loving this Barbary fig seed oil straight from Morocco. Using oil will dilute any foundation formula and prevent caking throughout the day. This is my GO-TO routine for a dewy and glowy look without compromising my skin's texture. Thank you for the oils! Truly a beauty rescue oil. 😘


Barbary Fig Seed Oil 100% Pure Organic & Ghassoul Clay mask 100% Pure Organic

Love our new Ghassoul Clay mask & Barbary Fig seed Oil! This natural, mineral-rich clay (straight from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco) is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It eliminates dead cells and improves skin clarity while providing nourishment with organic minerals. Check out for more products! 

Danielle Zephyr 


Barbary Fig Seed Oil 100% Pure Organic 
This is a very good oil. Way better than argan oil. I use it on my face every night and it leaves it looking bright and refreshed. I even think it helps with wrinkles.


Barbary Fig Seed Oil 100% Pure Organic 

I've always thought that Argan oil was it until I tried this amazing oil. First I only use about 5 drops on my hair and the results are instant; my hair is more manageable, extremely soft, and the best part is that it is not greasy at all. This oil also helps with split ends.
I also use it daily as a face and hand moisturizer and it does such an amazing job that my friend and family have noticed changes. I have the healthiest young looking skin I ever wanted.
If you want to imagine what a Super Argan oil is like, try Atlassiya barbary fig seed oil.

Tracy Fisher

Barbary Fig Seed Oil 100% Pure Organic 
Works on boils. I will buy again. In the bible God tells that one should take the fruit of the fig tree and make some kind of salve or polstice and put on boils to cure the disease of boils. This may not be exactly the same but seems to be helping very,very much.

Doug Seltmann

Argan Oil 100% Pure Organic 
This product was great, I couldn't be happier! I use the oil a couple of times a week and it leaves my hair silky and smooth. I have not very straight hair, kinda wavy and it tends to have lots of flyaways. This argan oil fixes that for me! Overall I love this product and will defiantly be a long standing customer. The seller was very prompt and efficient. We got the Barbury fig oil as well for my husband's hands. His hands were so chapped that they would bleed, after a couple of days with the fig oil, his hands were back to normal. Great products, great service!


Argan Oil 100% Pure Organic 
This is an outstanding product. I have tried a few argan oil brands before, but this one is by far the purest I had so far. I am amazed by the dramatic change in my hair; it is shinning, soft, and very manageable. I also use it on my body every morning after shower and it is also a great moisturizer. And of course I massage it on my face before going to bed and I am extremely happy that my face does not break out, which is a proof of this oil's purity. Since I started using Atlassiya argan oil my skin and hair has a healthy new glow. Thank you Atlassiya.


Argan Oil 100% Pure Organic 
I bought this oil about two weeks ago and it did so many great things for me in so little time. There are many good things to say about it; I would like to start by saying that I have dry and curly hair, but this Atlassiya Argan oil has performed miracles on them. Now my hair are softer and much easier to manage, and all I have to do is apply a few drops all over my hair and comb it after I shower.
I have also been using it on my nails, lips, hands, and face, and it's like it softens whatever it come in contact with. What I like most about Argan Oil is that it's non greasy and it is rapidly absorbed due to it being a very light oil.
At last but not the least , I let my aunt use it a couple of times to massage her joints because she suffers from arthritis, and she just ordered her own bottle.
The bottom line is that this Atlassiya is an oil that I cannot live without and I would recommend it to anybody who would like to try the many benefits of Argan Oil.

Maria Aguilar

Barbary Fig Seed Oil 100% Pure Organic 
I love this fig seed oil! Have used on my face before bed, with special attention underneath the eye area, for about 4 weeks. I noticed a change in the puffiness, dark circles and smile lines within a week. After a month, I am extremely satisfied. I have used the Argan Oil by Atlassiya for about six months and really like it, but this is even better (for the face, at least). The fig seed oil is more expensive, but I think it's worth it. 


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