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- 100% Natural & Organic 1 oz Deep Cleansing Facial Mask
- Ingredients: rosa damascena water and ghassoul powder

- Single Use
- Product of Morocco
- Packaged in the USA


This 1,400 years old mask is packed with minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and silicon.

Atlassiya Deep Cleansing Mask is negatively charged and therefore attracts positively charged particles such as impurities and toxins from your skin.




Deep Cleansing Facial Mask

SKU: 0005
  • Roll the sachet starting from the Rose Water end. Keep rolling until the rose water bursts into the ghassoul powder then press all of the rose water into the ghassoul powder section. Squeeze the sachet from one end to the other. Repeat until you obtain a uniform paste. Open the sachet from the tear notch and apply an even layer to clean skin. Leave up to 10 minutes on dry skin and up to 20 minutes on oily skin. As the clay hardens, you may feel your skin tingling; that is the ghassoul and rose water working their magic. Rinse with warm water using a damp face cloth. The use of a powerful moisturizer such as Atlassiya Barbary Fig Seed Oil or Atlassiya Argan Oil is strongly recommended after each ghassoul facial.



  • At Atlassiya, we believe in our high quality skin and hair care products, and we are certain that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase. However, should there be any reason that you are not entirely satisfied, you may return your order within 30 days for a full refund. Simply use the Contact Us form or email us at  


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